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Press Release

Herausgeber: First Solar GmbH

First Solar Announces a Multi-Year Framework Agreement with Gehrlicher GmbH

Phoenix, Arizona, 27 June 2005 — First Solar and Gehrlicher Umweltschonende Energiesysteme GmbH announce that the companies have reached a framework agreement for the supply of First Solar thin-film modules for 2005 and 2006. The modules are intended for use within the activities of the Gehrlicher Group’s Fund and Private Placement PV-projects.

“We are delighted to be able to continue our successful co-operation with Gehrlicher Umweltschonende Energiesysteme GmbH in the rapidly expanding project development area,” says Stephan Hansen, Managing Director of First Solar GmbH. “Gehrlicher has many years of experience in the application of thin-film modules and our continued co-operation is proof that both companies share a common vision.” Hansen added.

“For years we have closely followed the various developments in the area of thin-film technology, and are happy to have found a technology that has proven performance and a partner in First Solar who is focused on quality and long term reliability. We share the conviction that First Solar, with its manufacture of advanced thin-film modules and pioneering module recycling guarantee, is developing the right solutions for reducing the cost of deploying solar electricity, a key requirement for the Renewable Energies Act,” Klaus Gehrlicher, Managing Director of Gehrlicher GmbH, explains.
About First Solar:
First Solar manufactures solar modules with an advanced thin film semiconductor process that significantly lowers solar electricity costs. By enabling clean renewable electricity at affordable prices, First Solar provides an economic alternative to peak conventional electricity and the related fossil fuel dependence, greenhouse gas emissions and peak time grid constraints. Unlike centralized grid generation options that are viable only in specific locations with the required natural resources and centralized grid transmission capacity, First Solar’s technology enables consumers to generate their own “on-site” electricity virtually anywhere the sun shines.

For more information, please visit www.firstsolar.com, or contact:
Paula Vaughnn
Director, Marketing Communications
First Solar
T: 602-414-9322
E: pvaughnn@firstsolar.com

About Gehrlicher GmbH:
Gehrlicher GmbH is one of the most reputable companies within the solar energy sector in Germany. Gehrlicher GmbH has now been designing and manufacturing solar power systems in both Germany and Spain for over twelve years and is a wholesale trader of solar components with a select network of partner firms. In 1998, Gehrlicher GmbH launched the first professional solar fund system in Europe with a 256kWp capacity. Thanks to its many years of experience in the solar industry, Gehrlicher GmbH can conceive projects of high quality and excellent energy yield. As one of the first operators in Germany, Gehrlicher has been installing CdTe modules in large-scale solar projects since 2002 and has thus acquired extensive know-how in its dealings with this new technology. Furthermore, Gehrlicher GmbH has, since the end of 2003, operated one of the most extensive PV test-sites in Europe within the EU ‘PV Enlargement’ project, within whose framework all relevant thin-film technologies, amongst other things, were also compared and evaluated.

Further information can be found at www.gehrlicher.com or you can directly contact:

Gehrlicher GmbH
Feldkirchener Str. 1
85540 Haar
Tel.: 089-420792-0
Fax: 089-420792-19
E-mail: info@gehrlicher.com


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