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Press Release

Herausgeber: Enersys GmbH, WPD AG


Bietigheim-Bissingen - The wind farm project developer EnerSys and the WPD AG in Bremen, one of the market leaders as financing and project development is concerned, have intensified their existing cooperation. Regarding the WE² corporation, EnerSys and WPD founded a company which will concentrate on the sectors development and implementation of renewable energy projects. The official location of the new company will be Bietigheim-Bissingen. Dipl. Ing. Andreas Chollet and Dr. Klaus Meier will act as its chairmen.

„Our strategy to open markets is definitely to connect with local cooperation’s”, says chairman of the WE 2 Andreas Chollet. „The wind energy projects will be acquired on location by local partners while EnerSys and the WPD will specifically bring in their know-how on the sectors project development, financing, technical as well as financial management. We have already started that way in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia, in other countries we are still looking for local partners”, states Chollet.

The states of the European Union and their neighbouring countries are showing good perspectives on utilisation and expansion of renewable energies. As a result of Eastern Europe trying to become part of the EU they accepted the obligation to enlarge the use of renewable energies. Furthermore it is especially their aim to become independent from electricity-imports. These ambitions for independency result in the fact that more and more East European governments establish effective mechanisms regarding the penetration into markets for wind energy, solar energy, and biomass technologies. As a consequence new and attractive markets are emerging for WE².

„The cooperation between EnerSys and WPD is comparable to a symbiosis“, Dr. Meier illustrates. „While EnerSys has been established as a successful developer of renewable energy projects on the international market, WPD has good references on the sector of realizing these international wind projects. These basic skills complement each other perfectly. On the basis of this partnership we want to realize own projects and further more intend to take over suitable projects in all kind of stages“, Dr. Meier emphasizes. He aadditionally points out: “ the name for the new company “WE²” underlines our anticipation, that a consolidated commitment of WPD and EnerSys will also be an exponentiation to our possibilities.

On the national level the co-operation is expanding continuingly. The construction work of the wind farm in Jüterbog, Brandenburg for example has started in June. This wind farm, which consists of 8 Enercon E 70 wind turbines with a capacity of 16 megawatts, was planned by EnerSys and will be brought on the market by WPD. The partners will also share their tasks like this on a wind farm project in Saxony-Anhalt ( 7,6 MW), which will also be implemented this year.

WE² GmbH
Flößerstraße 60
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

phone: 0049-7142/ 77 82-0
fax: 0049-7142/ 77 82-99
e-mail: info@we-quadrat.de

For representatives of the press and further information please contact:
Mr. Christian Schnibbe
Kurfürstenallee 23 a
28211 Bremen

ph: 0049-421-168 66 25
fax: 0049-421-168 66 66
e-Mail: c.schnibbe@wpd.de

EnerSys GmbH
Mr. Michael Böhm
Flößerstraße 60
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

ph: 0049-7142–77 81-11
fax: 0049-7142– 7 81-99
e-Mail: boehm@enersys.info


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