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Herausgeber: wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG.

wpd windmanager: Certified quality & security

- DIN ISO 27001 certification for information security management system and recertification according to DIN ISO 9001

wpd windmanager ISO 27001 certified<br />
© wpd windmanager
wpd windmanager ISO 27001 certified
© wpd windmanager
Bremen (renewablepress) - Important milestone for wpd windmanager: Operators of critical infrastructures (KRITIS) are subject to special regulations. A central requirement is an information security management system (ISMS). wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG now obtained DIN ISO 27001 certification for its ISMS with the technical operations management, the turbine monitoring and the 24/7 control room. In addition to the initial certification according to DIN ISO 27001, the quality management system was also recertified according to DIN ISO 9001. "As an operations manager, two factors are of crucial importance to us," says Till Schorer, Director Customer Relations at wpd windmanager: "The security of our customers' assets and the quality of our service." With both certifications, wpd windmanager underlines this focus and emphasizes the established quality and safety standards.

European directive NIS2 in the pipeline

The requirements for operators of critical infrastructures are on the rise. After the threshold values for renewable energy producers have been drastically lowered in Germany, the European NIS2 Directive is set to tighten the cyber security demands for operators even further. "This would result in even more investors and operators of wind and solar farms being subject to the directive in the future. The same applies to their service providers and all players along the value chain," explains Malte Backhaus, Head of Integrated Management Systems at wpd windmanager.

With ISO 27001, the international operations manager is setting the course for the upcoming directive. "We are already well positioned for NIS2," says Henning Rüpke, Director International Operations at wpd windmanager. "In the area of operations management, we meet all cyber security requirements and are a reliable partner for international operators of renewable energies." This means that customers are on the safe side and can focus on all other relevant aspects.

In the future, the topic of security will continue to occupy wind and solar farm operators to an even greater extent. This includes all levels: organizational security, physical security and, of course, cyber security. "As an operations manager, we are constantly looking for solutions that further strengthen security standards. These include digital access control systems and active attack detection, for example," says Schorer. In this area, wpd windmanager is further expanding its own range of services to offer customers and their assets the best possible support in all security matters.

Further information at www.windmanager.net

About wpd windmanager

As Germany's leading and globally operating company in the commercial as well as technical management of wind farms and solar projects, wpd windmanager engages over 570 employees. Worldwide, wpd windmanager manages more than 500 wind farms with over 2,800 wind turbines and a total capacity of over 6,500 megawatts. For more than 20 years, investment companies, public utilities, operators and investors have already relied on the company's profound expertise. In addition to Germany, wpd windmanager is operating in various other European countries, in South America and in Asia. The company is growing: new locations and markets are being added continuously. Currently, wpd windmanager has 19 locations in 10 countries.

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Caption: wpd windmanager ISO 27001 certified
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Bremen, 16 May 2024

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