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Herausgeber: windtest grevenbroich gmbh

windtest grevenbroich celebrates 25 years test site operation

© windtest grevenbroich gmbh
© windtest grevenbroich gmbh
Grevenbroich (renewablepress) - It was 25 years ago, on 1 June 1998, that windtest grevenbroich gmbh (wtg) put the Dewind D4 prototype into operation on its test site south of Grevenbroich. Today, wtg looks back on a 25-year history of its wind turbine test site. Since the start of operations, the specialist in measurement and test services has set up, tested and measured a total of 18 state-of-the-art wind turbine prototypes on its test site.

Beacon for innovations

Up to now, wtg has been engaged by manufacturers to test and measure to international standards prototypes and test systems with a capacity of 10 kW to 5,500 kW on the 1.4 km² large test field – an area as big as 350 football pitches. After seven years of operation, the systems are usually dismantled and replaced by new prototypes.

For 25 years, the test site for wind turbines in Grevenbroich has thus been a pioneer for technical innovations and a beacon for the energy sector. "For example, the first Nordex N80 2.5 MW was erected on our test field in 2000. At that time, the most powerful onshore wind turbine in the world. In the same year, the GE 1.5 WTG was put into operation. To this day, one of the most frequently erected onshore WTGs worldwide," says Monika Krämer, Managing Director of windtest grevenbroich gmbh. And further: "We were an important technological pioneer not only for these turbines."

In close contact with science and research, innovative, climate-friendly technologies are tested and further developed in Grevenbroich. At the same time, the test site supplies clean electricity for the region. Numerous aspects thanks to which the project was identified and honoured by KlimaExpo.NRW, an initiative of the NRW state government, as a pioneer in climate protection in 2016.

Currently, a Nordex N131, a Siemens SWT-2.3 with ATS tower, a Vensys 120, an eviag ev2.93, an Enercon E160 and a wind turbine with vertical rotor from Agile Windpower are located on the test site. Furthermore three wind towers with heights of 80 m, 134 m and 143 m as well as an own verification station for remote sensing systems complete the test site.

Changing energy industry

The test site in Grevenbroich is one of few inland locations in Germany where manufacturers can test their wind turbines for e.g. type certification. In 2010, wtg successfully operated another test site in Lelystad, the Netherlands for eight years, in cooperation with Ecofys WTTS. Further test sites in Europe and in the USA are being planned.

About windtest grevenbroich gmbh

Since 1996, windtest grevenbroich gmbh offers a wide range of services for the renewable energy sector, including measurements of power performance, loads, electrical characteristics and acoustic noise as well as site evaluations to establish site quality, wind, yield or shadow impact. The employees of windtest grevenbroich gmbh advise developers, project managers, banks and insurance companies, are active as technical consultants in standardization working groups, and play a leading role in international technical organizations such as MEASNET and IEC RE. In the last 27 years, windtest grevenbroich gmbh has completed more than 7,600 projects worldwide and has a subsidiary in the USA since 2014.

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Grevenbroich, 11 September 2023

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