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Herausgeber: Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Optimized investment decisions in solar through AI and IoT

– German IntelliTech company expands range

Hamburg (renewablepress) - Artificial intelligence allows for better predictions about the success of investments and the achievement of financial targets – especially when investing in renewable energy. That way, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence platform ARISTOTELES from the German IntelliTech-company Kaiserwetter sets the highest standards of transparency minimizing investments risks and maximizing returns. Having been successful with wind farms, ARISTOTELES is now implementing data from solar plants and integrating electricity markets for daily insights into global energy spot markets.

Renewable energy assets produce not only electricity, but huge amounts of data. Kaiserwetter has set itself the task of making use of them and thereby, increasing the operational yield. Its IoT- & AI-platform ARISTOTELES aggregates, structures, analyzes, and consolidates technical and financial data and, thus, creates maximum transparency providing investors, financing banks and asset owners real-time insights into the performance of their portfolios. Machine learning algorithms use asset data to achieve an early failure detection, allowing investors to make the right financial decisions and banks securing their debt service coverage ratio. In this way, investment strategies can be adjusted, risks minimized and returns maximized.

What has previously only been possible for wind power is now applicable to solar energy. Thanks to massive technical improvements, PV systems have become cost-effective, highly competitive and produce stable yields. This development facilitates investments in a global solar energy system, but at the same time increases the need to use data for performance maximization, forecasts, and risk assessment. Through its data intelligence, ARISTOTELES is able to integrate worldwide installations from 10-kilowatt PV roof systems up to 200-megawatt big scale solar parks or bigger, and generates an added value that goes well beyond traditional business intelligence solutions:

Based on performance data of the solar plants generated by the solar inverters and the modules themselves, the IoT- & AI-platform offers an unique simulation of PV power curves that helps to predict the performance of the respective solar plant with an – until now – unknown precision. The platform also anticipates the effects of context factor on the maximum output by using machine learning algorithms. The aggregated data of one’s own assets can be easily compared between themselves or to peer group’s portfolio data (benchmarking). In this way, cost optimization potentials and performance improvements can be identified. “Photovoltaics will become increasingly important. Not least because it promotes both economic and ecological growth in the global south. With the integration of PV into ARISTOTELES, we are making investments more predictable and thus, more attractive.”, says Hanno Schoklitsch, CEO of Kaiserwetter.

By integrating electricity market data, Kaiserwetter manages to further enrich its IoT- & AI-platform with a very useful data feed: ARISTOTELES allows for daily insights into the energy spot prices of European and US markets. The comparison of own revenues with global market price curves reveals an analysis of a potential asset revenue within the framework of the respective market scenario. In combination with external data, such as meteorological factors, ARISTOTELES enables investors and renewable energy asset owners to constantly maximize the operational and financial performance. Hanno Schoklitsch: “Recording important energy spot prices allows investors to grasp the market value of the electricity produced in their assets. This allows insights about the tradability beyond regulatory feed in-tariffs and helps to compare the long-term attractiveness of different markets since our data encompasses the historical developments of global electricity markets. In such a way ARISTOTELES can deliver an important contribution to give investment decisions a more stable fundament.”

About Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter is an IntelliTech company in the renewable energy industry. The company relies on its data intelligence that results from its Data as a Service (DaaS) offer to convince investors to invest more heavily in renewable energy in an effort to accelerate investments in emission-free energy production worldwide. This is a main precondition for meeting international climate goals. Kaiserwetter's digital product suite encompasses the multiple award-winning cloud-based IoT platform ARISTOTELES. It relies on smart data analytics, predictive analysis and machine learning to minimize investment risks, maximize return and reach maximum transparency. IRIS is Kaiserwetter's online-based analytics machine that allows for a detailed analysis of a facility's status and potential. It gives clients quick insight into the current state of their assets.

ZULU, the company's third digital innovation, is the world's first online service configurator. It allows clients to freely combine service modules for the technical and financial management of their renewable energy facilities, which will increase performance transparency and decrease costs.

Kaiserwetter offers its specialized digital services to all stakeholders worldwide as part of their investment process throughout the entire investment cycle. Kaiserwetter's clients include investment funds, private equity investors, infrastructure funds, banking institutions, insurance companies, supranational organizations, rating agencies and utilities. Established in 2012, the company has its headquarters in Hamburg and offices in Madrid and New York and is currently set to expand into China and India.

For additional information about Kaiserwetter, please visit: www.kaiserwetter.energy

Hamburg, 06 August 2020

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