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Herausgeber: ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH

REETEC reinforces ROBUR

München (renewablepress) - ROBUR WIND GmbH takes over the business of REETEC GmbH with effect from July 1, 2020 and continues the operations at the location in Bremen. With now almost 1,000 colleagues in Europe, North and South America, ROBUR WIND offers its customers the complete range of services for the long-term economic success of their wind turbines, on- and offshore.

“When ROBUR was founded in 2015, we focused on the ecological change in the industry and consistently advanced the expansion of the wind group in ROBUR”, explained Jan-Jörg Müller-Seiler, CEO and Managing Partner of ROBUR. “The service and the experience of the almost 120 colleagues at REETEC strengthen our leading position in wind in Europe as well as in North and South America and helps us to grow further, together with our customers”.


“ROBUR WIND unites all competences and services around on- and offshore wind turbines. Together with our almost 1,000 colleagues, we provide all services from inspection, maintenance, repairs and replacement of large components to optimization for the safe and economically successful operation of our customers’ wind turbines”, explains René Psarski, Managing Director of ROBUR WIND.

“Safety, quality, commitment and speed of reaction characterize REETEC as a highly specialized wind energy service provider for on- and offshore since 1996. We complement the ROBUR WIND portfolio perfectly in the sectors of operation and maintenance services (O&M), major component replacement and repair, rotor blade and tower services, electrical and mechanical assembly, electrical engineering to qualification and training. And we are adding an important component to it with our core competence of aviation aid systems. Especially with regard to the legally required on-demand night-time marking (German: BNK) conversion by summer 2021”, added Detlef Lindenau, Managing Director of REETEC.

“ROBUR is always striving to further expand our solutions for high-quality industrial services and our range to support our customers’ digital transformation and ecological change. Therefore, REETEC helps us to position ourselves even more broadly in the wind and to develop further innovations in the wind turbine service for our customers”, concluded Florian Kopp, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ROBUR.

Further information about ROBUR is available at: www.robur-industry-service.com
Further information about ROBUR WIND is available at: www.robur-wind.com

About the ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH (ROBUR):

Founded in 2015 in response to the changing challenges of high-quality and becoming more digital industrial services, ROBUR is now with meanwhile 20 companies and approximately EUR 200 Mio. turnover in 2019 one of the top 10 industrial service providers with global presence in Germany. Both the financing and the management of the group are based on partnership and entrepreneurial spirit. The companies benefit from the size and the internationality of the group and can make use of the synergies in sales, capacity and management. Approximately 2,500 colleagues work in the wind, water, energy, industrials and process industries and create holistic solutions as expert partners. From planning to implementation, to operation and maintenance, to relocation and decommissioning. They support the design of the digital transformation with solutions in digitization, automation and data-insight. The challenges of ecological change are the drive for creating efficient, optimized and holistic solutions for the benefit of our customers, the environment and the future generations.

About REETEC (now a member of ROBUR WIND GmbH):

REETEC was founded 1996 in Bremen and is one of Europe’s leading independent service providers for onshore and offshore wind energy. The comprehensive service portfolio ranges from operation and maintenance services (O&M), major component replacement and repair, rotor blade and tower services, electrical and mechanical assembly, electrical engineering, qualification and training to aviation aid systems.

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München, 09 July 2020

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