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Wind Power goes Offshore

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European workshop, exhibition and technical tour

Wind Power goes Offshore
19-20 October 2000
European Pavilion at EXPO 2000, Hannover - Germany

Hannover (iwr-mailservice) - Aim and Objectives

Along with hydroelectric, wind power is today's major and expanding
producer of electricity from renewable sources. So far mainly coastal
locations have been used around Europe, and potential for expansion lies
especially in places which until now have been used little or not at all.
The European Commission White Paper states: "In particular, there is
enormous potential for offshore wind farms [...] In order to achieve
large-scale penetration of wind energy in the European Union these areas
have also to be used." However, other location factors and technical
challenges on the open sea demand very careful and thorough planning.

As early as 1991, 11 450-kW wind turbine generators came into operation
in the Vindeby offshore wind park in Denmark. The TunÆ Knob park followed
in 1995 with 10 500-kW units. By contrast, no wind park is expected to be
operating off the coast of Germany until 2005. All around the North Sea and
the Baltic Ring, plans are being laid to erect offshore wind power
facilities - but in many places the legal and technical framework
conditions are the subject of scrutiny on criteria of nature conservation
and suitability for the location. The 'Wind Power goes Offshore' seminar
presents current planning in Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Germany. There
will be reports on experiences with running existing plants, and on
procedures for setting up new projects.

The seminar and concurrent exhibition are intended to stimulate wide
exchanges of information and networking between practitioners at European

Participants Profile

The seminar is for manufacturers, planners and operators of wind power
plants, environmental and nature conservation organisations, local
authorities, and energy supply companies around the North Sea and the
Baltic Ring.

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Hannover, den 18. September 2000

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