Pressemitteilungen der Energiewirtschaft seit 1999

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Press Release

Herausgeber: Energiekontor AG

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About Energiekontor AG

Energiekontor is a leading German project developer in the wind energy sector. The firm was founded in 1990 in Bremerhaven (Germany) as a private and independent firm. Besides the Head Office in Bremen, the company today has offices in Bremerhaven and Krefeld as well as subsidiaries in Great Britain (Leeds) and Portugal (Lissabon).As an innovative firm, Energiekontor is an important contributor to the use of wind energy in Germany.Through the expansion to other European countries, the first wind parks have been realised in Portugal, Greece and Great Britain. The key aspects of the company strategy are planning of Offshore-Wind parks in Germany and expansion in other European countries. In May 2000, the successful flotation on the new market of the Frankfurter stock exchange took place. Today, Energiekontor AG is noted in the General Standard-Segment of the Frankfurter stock exchange. The total investment capacity of all Wind parks built to date 30/06/05 was 560 Mio. EUR. With 5000 investors, 60 wind parks with a total installed power of 410 MW have been built.

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