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Nordex Group receives three new orders totalling 172 MW from the Netherlands Nordex SE
Next2Sun concept empowers agricultural farms in Ireland by solar power Next2Sun GmbH
Siemens and juwi enter strategic partnership for microgrids in the mining industry Siemens AG
With Nordex OSTM SCADA EDGE the Nordex Group brings the Industrial Internet of Things (... Nordex SE
Nordex launches 163 metre rotor for the Delta4000 5.X Nordex SE
WIND-consult with new tower clearance measurement system WIND-consult GmbH
Nordex Group presents new turbine in the Delta4000 series for less complex sites Nordex SE
Kaiserwetter launches ZULU, the world’s first online service configurator for renewab... Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management Gmb...
4th Hybrid Power Systems Workshop in Crete: International exchange of hands-on experien... Energynautics GmbH
Nordex Group receives big-ticket contract for Delta4000 Turbines in Argentina Nordex SE
Entering the 5 MW class: Nordex Group announces new N149/5.X turbine Nordex SE
Statkraft und energy & meteo systems – First virtual power plant to integrate renewab... energy & meteo systems GmbH
The Nordex Group starts series production of turbines in the Delta4000 range Nordex SE
ARISTOTELES, the IoT platform by Kaiserwetter, embraced by IST3 INFRASTRUKTUR GLOBAL Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management Gmb...
A wind tunnel designed for the needs of the wind industry Deutsche WindGuard Engineering GmbH
windtest grevenbroich celebrates 20-year anniversary of test field windtest grevenbroich gmbh
Lighthouse project using Solar Steam Generator for Industrial Heating and Cooling Industrial Solar GmbH
Nordex launches N133/4.8 for strong-wind sites Nordex SE
Deutsche WindGuard discovers gaps in anemometer classification Deutsche WindGuard GmbH
Higher yield even in sound-optimised operating mode: Nordex offers new sound concept, n... Nordex SE
Deutsche WindGuard builds special wind tunnel for LiDAR Calibration on behalf of PTB Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services ...
Nordex Group launches 140 meter-rotor for AW3000 platform Nordex SE
Nordex awarded 101.4-MW project in Argentina Nordex SE
ProfEC Ventus releases "ONE STOP WIND SHOP" for accredited wind measurement systems and... ProfEC Ventus GmbH
Energy Storage Europe 2018 is continuing its success story Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
Sustainable E-Mobility needs Power from Renewable Energies! Energynautics GmbH
PNE WIND AG and energy consult focus on the demand-oriented night lighting of wind farms PNE WIND AG
Nordex entering 4 MW class with powerful turbine Nordex SE
N131/3300: Twelve months of operation confirm the projected high yield at sites with li... Nordex SE
Nordex growing in line with the market in Germany Nordex SE
Mold control beneficial for the protection of power plants and service teams Tikkurila GmbH
Nordex awarded new contracts for 81 MW in Germany Nordex SE
Nordex receives order for eleven N117/3600 turbines from Norway Nordex SE
Nordex installs multi-megawatt turbine on 134 metre tubular steel tower for the first time Nordex SE
In future, not dependent on grid codes and suitable for international use: revision of ... FGW e.V. Fördergesellschaft Windenergie ...
Deutsche Windtechnik: New controller allows more stable operation of Woodward frequency... Deutsche Windtechnik AG Karola Kletzsch Karola Kletzsch
RECASE tests the prototype plant at CWD Aachen RECASE Regenerative Energien GmbH
World Small Wind Conference at Intersolar Europe 2017 Solar Promotion GmbH
WINDFORCE Conference opens in Bremerhaven WAB e.V.
Nordex service business: order to modernise 63 multi-megawatt turbines Nordex SE
Nordex secured a 195 MW contract in Brazil Nordex SE
Nordex widening range of turbines for medium and light-wind regions Nordex SE
France: Deutsche Windtechnik has been awarded contracts to provide maintenance for Vest... Deutsche Windtechnik AG Karola Kletzsch Karola Kletzsch
Nordex receives new order in Finland Nordex SE
Energy Storage Europe: Side events for companies and installers Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
Nordex obtains unit certificate for N117/3000 according to VDE-AR-N 4120 Nordex SE
Deutsche Windtechnik establishes full service subsidiary in Sweden – new contracts ha... Deutsche Windtechnik AG Karola Kletzsch Karola Kletzsch
OIS offshore Industrie Service GmbH and Green Wind Offshore GmbH acquire service contra... ARGE O & M Projekt DolWin3
Nordex Group acquires SSP Technology A/S Nordex SE
Deutsche WindGuard approved as IECRE Testing Laboratory Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH, Deut...
Nordex installs the first N131/3600 – product launch on schedule Nordex SE
Multicon Solar wins the prestigious energy globe award for its mobile solar container Multicon AG und Co. KG
Nordex: first N117/3600 to start operation in November Nordex SE
Deutsche WindGuard wins Poster Award at WindEurope Summit Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH
iSpin Guardian approach provides transparency in wind farm performance monitoring ROMO Wind AG
Nordex Group forms partnership with Lufthansa Aerial Services Nordex SE
Thüle wind farm: 3% more production through wind measurement at the spinner – iSpin ... ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH
Effectiveness of tubercle technology confirmed in wind tunnel tests TEG The Energy Generators GmbH, Övermöhl...
Nordex: N117/3600 and N131/3600 produce up to a 12% higher yield at sites with moderate... Nordex SE
ProfEC Ventus becomes member of international Measuring Network of Wind Energy Institutes ProfEC Ventus GmbH
Ever higher for greater yields: Nordex installing the world’s tallest wind turbine Nordex SE
Wind Meets Solar and Storage: EES Europe points the way to the clean energy generation ... Solar Promotion GmbH
Deutsche Windtechnik takes over service for two more wind farms from ScottishPower Plc Deutsche Windtechnik AG Karola Kletzsch Karola Kletzsch
Deutsche Windtechnik Assumes Responsibility for Servicing Nordex N117 Turbines Deutsche Windtechnik AG Karola Kletzsch Karola Kletzsch
For greater citizens’ acceptance: Nordex now with needs-based aviation obstruction l... Nordex SE
Superconducting Generators: A Fresh Breeze in Renewables DBU Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt
Spinner anemometer technology can now be used to measure power curves in accordance wit... ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH
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